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Oct 21:  The Illusionist on TMC.
Oct 21:  Tanked: Lifestyles Of The Fish & Famous on ANIMAL.
Oct 21:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 21:  Magicians on America's Funniest Home Videos on WGN.
Oct 22:  Fameless: The Vanishing on TRU.
Oct 22:  Don't Blink: It's All In The Cards on WLNY.
Oct 22:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 23:  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Abra-Cadaver on USA.
Oct 23:  Fameless: One Bad Egg on TRU.
Oct 23:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 23:  I Love Lucy: Lucy Meets Orson Welles on HALLMARK.
Oct 23:  America's Most Badass: Living On The Edge on AHC.
Oct 24:  The Prestige on TMC.
Oct 25:  Big Time RV: Windshield Wipeout on TRAVEL.
Oct 25:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 25:  Inspector Gadget: The Infiltration on ENCORE.
Oct 26:  How I Met Your Mother: The Magician's Code on ENCORE.
Oct 26:  The Beverly Hillbillies: The Great Jethro on METV.
Oct 26:  Caillou: Just For Laughs on SPROUT.
Oct 27:  CSI Miami: Open Water on WE.
Oct 27:  Matlock: The Magician on INSP.
Oct 27:  Scoop on STARZ.
Oct 27:  Wahlburgers: Magic Mark on FYI.
Oct 28:  Extreme Weather: The Survivors: Eye Of The Storm on TWC.
Oct 28:  Tanked: Lifestyles Of The Fish & Famous on ANIMAL.
Oct 28:  The Illusionist on TMC.
Oct 29:  Don't Blink: Crazy, Crazy Cards on WLNY.
Oct 29:  No Escaping Houdini on PBS.
Oct 29:  Celebrity Wife Swap: Judy Gold; Penn Jillette on FYI.
Oct 29:  Boston Blackie And The Law on MOVIES.
Oct 30:  Father Knows Best: Kathy Makes Magic on ATV.
Oct 30:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 31:  The Love Boat: Ship Of Ghouls on TVGUIDE.
Oct 31:  Wanted: Dead Or Alive: Vanishing Act on ENCWEST.
Oct 31:  The Illusionist on TMC.
Oct 31:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Nov 2:  Simon & Simon: Grand Illusion on COZI.
Nov 4:  Tanked: Penn & Teller Monkey Magic on ANIMAL.
Nov 4:  The Sorcerer's Apprentice on FAMILY.
Nov 4:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
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