PRESS RELEASE — Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Source: MagicCoach

Three years in the writing, three months in the preparation and just three minutes away from being read by you! MagicCoach100!

MagicCoach, the original trend setting internet newsletter, has recently published it’s 100th issue, jam packed with insider information. Information that has been shared and read by over 2000 working magicians each week.

Ideas, tips, articles and good advice from people such as  - David Ginn, Clive Court, Gary Oulett, CJ Johnson, Tim Ellis, Dick Christian, James Randi, Scott Wells, Randy Charach, Billy McComb, Ray Haddad, Mac King, Terry Parrett, Dan Harlan, Dave Dee, Stan Davis, Mark Byrne, Greg Wilson.

We have now compiled the very best material, updated the links, inserted hot links and navigation tools. 200 pages jam packed with all the best articles, tips and advice from the first 100 issues of MagicCoach. Ideas on working Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Restaurants & Schools! Articles on getting Publicity, Celebrity Status & great Testimonials. Tips on writing effective advertising for print media and Direct Mail. The inside information on dealing with agents.

And much much more. These are just some of the contents! It’s an indispensable collection of  tips from hard working professionals who were prepared to share what works for them. Things they learnt the hard way. Why reinvent the wheel? Use the information to cut years off your learning curve by avoiding the basic mistakes so many magicians make and start putting extra money in your pocket immediately. Using just one idea from this collection will repay your tiny investment many times over.

The Archive collection is now available and is automatically delivered via email the instant you order. Order with confidence via the secure and stable servers of Clickbank.

Full information on the book (and Free subscription to MagicCoach) here:

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