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Archives: Week Of September 1-7, 2003
-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,003 Monday - September 1, 2003-
The Houdini DaysThe Houdini Days festival in Appleton, Wisconsin gets a lot of local press that mention the events and performers who participated in making it a success. Also covered are Houdini's connection to Appleton. A Green Bay Press Gazette quotes Lynn Peters from the Visitors Bureau, "Of all the attractions in the community, Houdini is the attraction, if you will, that is most often asked about by visitors… Our front desk staff would tell you that probably half of the visitors who walk through our door looking for things to do ask about Houdini… It draws a bigger response from visitors than pretty much anything else."
--To read the Aug. 30 Eagle Herald article by Eric LaRose titled "Houdini Days brings a little magic to Appleton" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 30 Green Bay Press Gazette article by Jim Lundstrom titled "Appleton’s Houdini Days brings magic to his favorite community" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 30 Post-Crescent article by Myrna Collins titled "Magicians share tricks, smiles with patients" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 30 Post-Crescent article by Jim Lundstrom titled "Magical beginnings" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 31 Green Bay Press Gazette article by Kara Patterson titled "Magic’s in the air at Houdini Days" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 31 Post-Crescent article by Kara Patterson titled "Fun materializes at Houdini Days" click: HERE.(9/1)
--To read the Aug. 31 Post-Crescent article by Jim Lundstrom titled "These facts should make untrue accusations about Houdini disappear" click: HERE.(9/1)

Dennis Watkins who stars in "Death and Harry Houdini" at the Viaduct in Chicago is featured in a Chicago Sun Times article about the show that runs through Oct. 4. To read the Aug. 31 article by Misha Davenport titled "Looking for a little escapism?" click: HERE.(9/1)

David Blaine is interviewed on CNN by Thomas Roberts and Heidi Collins where he discussed how he came up with the endurance stunt and explained, "I think of them as performance pieces, performance-art almost, creating images that I've always been fascinated by, that I loved. I also do it kind of to strip, I guess, strip everything out, and just figure out what's real in the meanwhile, even though it is a public display, I still play with that stuff." Blaine also explained that, "I think that it will be obvious that this isn't a trick or an illusion. I think that's a misconception people have, because I don't consider myself a magician or illusionist at all. I consider myself a showman, and I love magic, and I love art, and I love performance, and they're all separate." To read the Aug. 31 article titled "David Blaine: 'I'd like to go as far as I can'" click: HERE.(9/1)

David Blaine describes an encounter in a New York Daily News article, "After I stepped off the plane, this drunk touristy guy runs over to me and whips out this giant knife, which he presses to my neck. ..He shouts in my face, 'David Blaine, if you are such a great escape artist, why don't you use your magic to escape from this blade?' …We just stood like that for what seemed like forever, and then when this man saw my terror, he just strutted off howling with laughter." To read the Aug. 29 article by Rebecca Louie, Suzanne Rozdeba, Zoe Alexander and Ben Widdicombe titled "Misdemeanor offense: Too many fans" click: HERE.(9/1)

Mark and Sheila CannonMark and Sheila Cannon, Michael Griffin and Kristen Johnson are featured in a Los Angeles Times article that looks the reemergence of the escape artist. Cannon warned, "Escape involves taking calculated risks, weighing everything that could go wrong, assuming that it will, and relying on skills and wisdom built from years of practice, …Unlike other magic tricks, you can die if you make a mistake." The article also pointed out that "The proliferation of reality TV shows in recent years, with their freaky and frightful gimmicks, has helped rekindle interest in escapology."To read the Aug. 27 article by Kristina Sauerwein titled "Slipping the Knots to Fame" click: HERE.(9/1)

Johnny Ace Palmer, Billy McComb, Tom Stone, Tom Ogden, Rich Bloch, Jon Armstrong, Adrian Van Vactor, Malin Nilsson, and Jeanine Anderson appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 2-7. Tom Stone lectures on Sunday Sep. 7.(9/1)

"V: The Ultimate Variety Show" gets four out of five stars in a Las Vegas Sun review that mentions Jeff Hobson, Nathan & Sarah Burton, Russ Merlin. The article also mentions some of the upcoming "V" shows that are scheduled to run around the world, "Saxe has signed a five-year deal, with a five-year option, with the owners of the IMAX theater at Pier 39 at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. "V" will debut there April 1. Next year Saxe says he will open a production in Tokyo, and is looking at venues in Biloxi, Miss., among other locations." Also mentioned is and annual run in Atlantic city. To read the Aug. 29 article by Jerry Fink titled "Venetian Showroom scores a victory with 'V'" click: HERE.(9/1)

Jamahl Keyes's "The Magic in You" performance at the J.D. Floyd Elementary School is featured in a St. Petersburg Times article that quotes him about he tries to teach during the show, "[he] aims to teach 'three things to help (kids) succeed in life," The three messages are "Never give up," "Stay focused," and "It doesn't matter how you look on the outside; it's how you feel on the inside that matters." To read the Aug. 30 article by Beth N. Gray titled "Magician with a message" click: HERE.(9/1)

Siegfried & Roy have a new mural added to their Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "The mural consists of 147 handmade etched-clay pieces that were shipped to the United States for assembly." To see the Aug. 31 photo by Ralph Fountain and read the caption titled "New Take on Noah's Ark" click: HERE.(9/1)

Meir YedidNEW JERSEY: Meir Yedid presents his Published & Unpublished lecture on Tuesday Sep. 2 at 8pm for IBM Ring #165 at the Transfiguration Church (White Horse Pike) in Collingswood. For more information click: HERE.(9/1)

A Chan Canasta performance is described in The Washington Post's Bridge column where they quote the Bridge World magazine from 1964, "…it savored of witchcraft, telepathy, hypnosis and ESP. One player was given her own deck, invited to shuffle and told to deal her side a good hand. Her partner had the A-K-Q in three suits and an honor in the fourth. One opponent had no honors at all. Those present found it difficult to believe, let alone explain." To read the Aug. 31 article by Frank Stewart click: HERE.(9/1)

VENEZUELA: Rafael Benatar lectures for the Venezuelan magicians at pea Magica de Caracas on Tuesday Sep. 2 at 8pm at the Carcas Theater Club. For more information phone: 2841472.(9/1)

David Sandy's appearance at the annual United Way fundraiser is mentioned in a St. Joseph News Press article that reported, "Mr. Sandy, the president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, will bring a blend of illusion, comedy and motivation to the kickoff festivities beginning at 7:30 a.m. Thursday." To read the Aug. 30 article titled "Magician to perform at United Way kickoff" click: HERE.(9/1)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,004 Tuesday - September 2, 2003-
David BlaineDavid Blaine continues to top himself. This time during a press conference that was televised live he was asked to do some magic and decided to apparently cut off a piece of his ear while bleeding profusely. Blaine explained that his next stunt will be the ultimate test, "I consider this the most difficult thing I'm ever going to do in my life and by far the most dangerous. The damage could be irreversible. You may never see me in this condition again." To read the Sep. 1 Reuters article titled "Blaine chops off ear to promote latest stunt" click: HERE.(9/2)
--To read the Sep. 1 Reuters article titled "Magician Blaine drenches UK press in blood" click: HERE.(9/2)
--To read the Sep. 2 Reuters article titled "Magician Blaine drenches British press in blood" click: HERE.(9/2)
--To read the Sep. 1 Ananova article titled "Blaine 'cuts off ear' in publicity stunt" click: HERE.(9/2)
--To view three of the Reuters photographs by Michael Crabtree of Blaine cutting his ear click: HERE.(9/2)

David Blaine in an Independent feature that looks at the events leading to his stunt and what might me the real risks during the event. There is also a skeptical view of his ear slicing. The article also reported that "Magic is now big business for an elite handful of entertainers capable of captivating millions with a combination of conjuring panache and a large production team of publicists, engineers and legal advisers." To read the Sep. 2 article by Cahal Milmo titled "Master of illusion? Or sick joker?" click: HERE.(9/2)

Geoffrey DurhamGeoffrey Durham is interviewed in a News Shopper story in conjunction with his his new one-man show, "Little Miracles," at the Greenwich Theatre. Durham explained, "This is the second one-man show I've done. The other I did for seven years. It was the first time a magician had ever done a one-man show in the sense that it was just me, literally. There wasn't a support act or assistants. This is magic with a lot of talk and chat. It is not just a magic show, you get to learn a bit about me." To read the Sep. 1 interview by Melanie Gomm titled "Geoffrey Durham: interviewed September 2003" click: HERE.(9/2)

Mark Strivings' appearance at the Coconino County Fair is reported in an Arizona Daily Sun feature that describes the three types of shows he presents. Strivings explained, "There's this universal axiom for all performers is that we're incredibly needed and demand the attention… Everything I do is an incredibly interactive things. I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything." To read the Sep. 1 article by Jeff Tucker and Melissa Wujick titled "Magic man" click: HERE.(9/2)

NEW JERSEY: Jeff Sheridan lectures on Wednesday Sep. 3 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(9/2)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,005 Wednesday - September 3, 2003-
David BlaineDavid Blaine is featured in a Sun article that asks three magicians whether he is a showman or a conman. Paul Zenon tries to debunk Blaine by throwing out various possible scenarios of what Blaine could do or could have done in the past to cheat his way through the stunts. Uri Geller explained that "Whatever you say about David Blaine, this is an incredible feat and no one can deny that. A lot of other magicians knock David but in my mind that is purely jealousy. They can only get at him by slating him." Chris Roycroft-Davis sums up the question with, "Blaine's ability to make people believe he can rise off the ground or make a card vanish and appear behind the windscreen of a passing car is phenomenal. When you're the best you're always looking for new stunts which may have little to do with traditional magic. If that means appearing to cut off your ear -- as he did on Wednesday -- so what?  Does anyone believe the lady is actually sawn in half? If you want to know how Blaine did his latest trick, I’ll tell you. He did it brilliantly." To read the Sep. 2 article by Sally Brook titled "Is David Blaine the world's best" click: HERE.(9/3)

David Blaine is featured in a BBC News article that tries to figure out if he is "for real" and why he does these stunts. The article reported, "If the reaction to him at Monday's press conference was anything to go by, he elicits extreme responses - from fascination to revulsion to just plain boredom." To read the Sep. 2 article by Chris Heard titled "Is Blaine magic just an illusion?" click: HERE.(9/3)

David Blaine's stunt is discussed in an Evening Standard article that quotes Ken Livingstone about the dangers and meanings of what Blaine is attempting. Blaine explained, "There are hunger strikers like Bobby Sands who have done this. But with them it was more of a statement. …I am a performance artist." To read the Sep. 2 article by Ross Lydall and Andre Paine titled "Ken: Blaine stunt is offensive" click: HERE.(9/3)

David Blaine explained why and how he got the tattoo of Primo Levi's Auschwitz number on his left arm in a Page Six article in the New York Post, "I was in Paris reading it [Survival in Auschwitz] and he mentions his number. The second I read that, I was so moved that I ran into a tattoo place to get it.' The tattooist, Blaine recalls, spoke no English so, 'I just drew the numbers on my arm and had him tattoo them.'" To read the Sep. 2 article by Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson titled "Blaine Explains Nazi Number" click: HERE.(9/3)

David Blaine's ear piece is reported in an Associated Press article, "The stunt took place Monday during a news conference to promote Blaine's latest feat, a six-week stint in a plastic box suspended above the River Thames. The 30-year-old New Yorker appeared to hack at his ear with a knife after a reporter asked him to perform a trick." To read the Sep. 2 article titled "Magician David Blaine 'Cuts' Off Ear" click: HERE.(9/3)

The Ferco BrothersThe Ferco Brothers who had a successful run last year at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City last year are coming back with a run at the Trump Taj Mahal on Sep. 12-23. To read the press release titled "Fitz Daniel Tabas Tepper Presents 'The Fercos Brothers Untamed Illusions' At Trump Taj Mahal, September 12 - November 23, 2003" click: HERE.(9/3)

Dr. Art Benjamin will present his full show at David Groves' "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Sep. 4 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(9/3)

COLORADO: The 10th annual Magic in the Rockies takes place on Sep. 4-7 in Fort Collins. Sponsored by IBM Ring #250 the convention headliners include: David Ben, Bob Fitch, David Williamson, Bob Sheets, John Carney, Joe Givan & Carol Massie, Shoot Ogawa, Apollo Robbins, Jon Stetson, Richard Osterlind, Doc Eason, Eric Mead, Barrie Richardson, David Kaye, David Oliver, Gary Frank, and Dick Barry. Several of the shows are open to the public. For more information click: HERE.(9/3)

Jadugar Samrat Shankar's performance and after show healing are discussed in a Tribune India article that reported, "The magician has a dream -- of building an academy where he can train aspirants the art and science of magic and meditation. 'It's strange that the country that gave birth to the art of magic has no academy for learning this art. What would be its future after the last of us have gone.'" To read the Sep. 2 article titled "Magician who is also a healer" click: HERE.(9/3)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,006 Thursday - September 4, 2003-
Showgirls Of MagicDavid Saxes' "Showgirls Of Magic" which has been playing in Las Vegas for more than eight years has been cloned with a second Troup that will be appearing at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City on Sep. 12 through Nov. 27. Joining the cast of showgirl magicians will be veteran cast members female impersonator/magician Steve "Tiny Bubbles" Daly and Antonio Hoyos. Unlike the Vegas edition the Atlantic City show will not be topless. Daly and Hoyos will rejoin the Vegas show on Dec. 9. Tickets are $19.95 per person. For more information click: HERE.(9/4)

David Blaine's endurance stunt is discussed in a Scotsman feature that quotes his doctor, Dr Jeremy Powell-Tuck, who will treat Blaine after the event, "I am quite worried firstly whether he will come out of that box alive, and secondly, what he will be like when he does come out. …It’s not a stunt I support and I do not think he should do it. It's dangerous. If he were here now I would be advising him not to do it. …There is a considerable risk of him damaging himself and, if he is unlucky, in the long-term too." To read the Sep. 3 article by Laura Scott titled "Is Blaine Playing Too Deadly A Game of Magic?" click: HERE.(9/4)

David Blaine discusses the dangers of his stunt in a Reuters feature  that quoted him, "That is why a lot of the Holocaust survivors died. They had been so undernourished, their bodies had shrunk so small that when the GIs gave them candy bars, their system would go into shock and they would die. I will be in hospital care for a while." To read the Sep. 3 Reuters article by Paul Majendie titled "No Pain, No Gain for Magician Blaine" click: HERE.(9/4)

David Blaine's stunt is reported in The Sun where they point out that, "…while tens of thousands watched Houdini perform amazing exploits in the early 1900s, with the advent of satellite TV and the Internet, TENS OF MILLIONS are expected to witness Blaine's endurance challenge over the banks of the Thames near London's Tower Bridge." To read the Sep. 3 article by A. Presto titled "Illusionist is Blaine crazy" click: HERE.(9/4)
--To read the Sep. 4 Gulf Daily News article titled "Magician Blaine gets ready for Thames stunt" click: HERE.(9/4)
--David Blaine is mentioned in a Coventry News article that parodies his upcoming stunt. To read the Sep. 3 article by David Wardale titled "Now That's Magic!" click: HERE.(9/4)

Hans Kazn & Magic Unlimited will be appearing the Netherlands television station Ned2 every Friday night at 9pm for the next 14 weeks. The first performance will be on Friday Sep. 5.(9/4)

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Bornstein's Psychic Mystery Watch Released.

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,007 Friday - September 5, 2003-
Melinda who retired from magic last year so she could devote her time to building a family is now a mother. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "Melinda the First Lady of Magic is a first-time mommy. Baby boy Mason Ray Evensvold, at 6 pounds, 15 ounces, arrived Aug. 24 and "it's the best magic that's happened in my life," said Melinda." To read the Sep. 4 article by Norm titled "Futrell, Cheese getting day jobs" click: HERE.(9/5)

Bob Sheets, Mark Phillips and Alain NuDenny Haney, Puck, Mark Phillips, and Alain Nu appear at the inaugural presentation of "Wednesday Night Wizardry" at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn (311 Kent Square Road) in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Saturday Sep. 6 at 7:30pm. The series of shows, which are currently scheduled to run every Wednesday through Nov. 19, are being produced by Bob Sheets, Mark Phillips and Alain Nu and will feature guest performers every week. Ticket are $12-$15 per person. For reservations phone: 301-258-6394.(9/5)

The "Wednesday Night Wizardry" series is profiled in a Gazette article that gives brief biographies of Mark Phillips, Alain Nu and Bob Sheets and discusses the upcoming shows. Phillips is also interviewed in the article where he explains, "We saw the Arts Barn and thought, 'Wow, this would be a great place to work,' … Bob had the idea of turning it into a once-a-week series. That would give people more of a chance to see the show." To read the Sep. 3 article by Chris Slattery titled "Three's the magic number for Wednesday Night Wizardry" click: HERE.(9/5)

David Blaine's stunt which was submitted to the Guinness Book of Records was rejected for inclusion. The reason was reported in a number of articles, "compilers of the book say they would not actively endorse fasting records - and the size of his temporary home is not even as small as current record holders." To read the Sep. 4 CNN article titled "Guinness records snub for Blaine" click: HERE.(9/5)
--To read the Sep. 4 article titled "Guinness book of records rejects Blaine's stunt" click: HERE.(9/5)

David Blaine and the events leading to today's encasement are recounted in a Daily Mail article that also tries to discover previously unreported information about Blaine's past. The article spoke to his step-grandmother who volunteered information about his family and his childhood and interviewed a doctor who explained the dangers of the stunt. The article concluded, "David Blaine - the nerd from New Jersey - knows that people will pay a fortune to watch a man 'starve to death' and he's more than happy to give them the opportunity. Who cares that it's not what it seems - illusions are what he does best." To read the Sep. 4 article by Alison Boshoff titled "Blaine: Houdini or hoaxer?" click: HERE.(9/5)

David Blaine is featured in a Skynews article that discusses the pitfalls of his stunt. To read the Sep. 4 article titled "Hungry For Success" click: HERE.(9/5)

In a David Blaine parody The Guardian newspaper placed Tim Dowling in a transparent box for a day to see what will happen to him and what Blaine might have to go through. To read the Sep. 5 article by titled "Don't ask how I peed" click: HERE.(9/5)

David Blaine in a Gulf Daily News article that asked, "Millions of people the world over are starving, so why the media interest in one man who is choosing to undergo what may turn out to be a slow suicide." To read the Sep. 4 article by Les Horton titled "Magician's silly stunt should be called off" click: HERE.(9/5)

Nicholas Carifo appears in David Groves' "Comedy In The Burbs" on Saturday Sep. 6 at 7:30pm at Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Also on the bill are comedians Laura Hayden, Shari Becker, and "Berger." Admission is $6 (plus one drink minimum) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(9/5)

Beau Miller is featured in a Plain Dealer article that quoted his coach, "Beau has a major-league act, he is a big-time talent. And, he is one of the funniest kids I've ever been around. We call him Beaudini." To read the Sep. 4 article by Tim Rogers titled "Magic Man" click: HERE.(9/5)

Sandro, Luis Otero, Carlos Clemares, Rafael Benatar and Sonny Fontana appear at the Celarg Theater in Caracas, Venezuela on Sep. 6 at 8pm and Sep. 7 at 6pm. For tickets and information phone: 0414-2498821.(9/5)

Gopinath MuthukadGopinath Muthukad's "Gandhi Mantra" which is described as "a global expedition disseminating Gandhian ideals through meaningful magic shows, from October 2, 2003 to January 30, 2005" is reported in a Central Chronicle article that "Muthukad's 25-member team would also hold free magic shows in places associated with Gandhiji like Sabarmathi, Porbandar, Mani Bhavan in Mumbai and Wardha Ashram in Nagpur during the Gandhi Mantra period." To read the Sep. 4 article titled "Embarking on global Gandhi Mantra" click: HERE.(9/5)

FLORIDA: Greg Irwin lectures at Mr. G's Magic Shop in Jacksonville on Sunday Sep. 7 at 2pm. After the lecture there will be a free one-day convention held at the home of Kevin King from 5pm-10pm. Scheduled to appear at King's home are Paul Cummins, Chad Long, and Fred & Kelly Becker. For more information click: HERE.(9/5)

Will Shaw, Peter Kougasian, and Rocco headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 8 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/5)

Keith Fields, Tim Saiet, Rob Cox, Mandy Davis, and Steven Dick are mentioned in a Fortean Times article that discusses some of the performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To read the Sep. 4 article by Gordon Rutter titled "The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003 - Part III" click: HERE.(9/5)

Simon Lovell and his friends will celebrate his birthday by performing for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Sep. 6 at 2pm and 4pm.(9/5)

James Randi is mentioned in a Pakistan Daily Times op-ed pieces that looks at debunking psychics. To read the Sep. 4 article by Munir Attaullah titled "Wannabe a millionaire?" click: HERE.(9/5)

NEW YORK: Mystic Mickey presents his "Think Like a Kid..Again!" lecture on Monday Sep. 8 at 8pm for the LI Mystics at the Community United Methodist Church (100 Park Blvd.) in Massapequa. Admission is $5 per person. For more information phone: 516-938-8803.(9/5)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,008 Saturday - September 6, 2003-
Channel 4 David Blaine websiteChannel 4 in the United Kingdom which is a sponsor of the David Blaine event has dedicated a section of their website to everything Blaine. To find out about the stunt, read regular updates and get access to the live streaming video click: HERE.(9/6)

David Blaine began his "Above The Below" endurance stunt on Friday Sep. 5 around 9:30 pm (local time) encased in a clear plastic cage where he plans on spending the next 44 days. The cage will remain suspended around 40 feet off the ground by a crane near the Tower Bridge in London, England. Blaine's only nourishment throughout the event will be water. Special provisions have been made to keep track of his health by running tests on his urine that will be disposed of through a tube in the plexi-glass case. Prior to entering the box Blaine bulked up to a reported 205 pounds -- around 50 pounds of which he expects to lose by the time he gets out on Oct. 19 at 9pm. Before entering the encasement Blaine told the assembled crowd, "The feeling of wonder is amazing ... to push ourselves further. I'm going to push myself as far as I can." He also volunteered, "…the first three weeks of this I am pretty sure I can handle - it is the last three that are going to be insane." It is likely that once Blaine leaves the box he will have to spend several weeks in the hospital while he regains his strength. The stunt is being taped and will be a major part of his new television special that will air in the UK and eventually be resold to stations around the world.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 5 BBC News article titled "Blaine begins starvation stunt" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 Reuters article titled "Man risks Blaine damage in Thames starvation stunt" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 5 Associated Press article by Jack Garland titled "Blaine Begins Starvation Stunt in London" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 5 itv article titled "David hungry for record" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 Glasgow Daily Record article by Lisa Adams titled "Magician Blaine Unveils His New Box Of Tricks" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 BBC News article by Chris Heard titled "Blaine spectacular comes to town" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 5 Sky News article titled "Blaine: Living In A Box" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 Scotsman article by Craig Brown titled "Illusionist hangs about for audacious stunt" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 Independent article by Paul Peachey titled "David Blaine takes his leave amid hugs, hyperbole and placard-waving protesters" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To read the Sep. 6 Teletext article by Simon Holden titled "Blaine starts his 44-day sentence" click: HERE.(9/6)
--To view AP and Reuters photos of David Blaine entering the encasement click: HERE.(9/6)

A Sun article about the David Blaine stunt reported that, "But less than half an hour after the challenge began, yobs pelted the cube with eggs. One scored a direct hit and as yolk dripped down the side Blaine scornfully turned his back." The article also quotes Bill Kalush, "David has been very contemplative and introspective today. I am very worried for him. I don’t know how he’s feeling. I mean, no one has ever done this before." To read the Sep. 6 article by A. Presto titled "Blaine's got 44 days to go" click: HERE.(9/6)

Continental Drifts who are involved in running the David Blaine stunt are featured in a Waltham Forest Guardian article that quotes co-director Chris Meikan, "It's our job to make sure David Blaine gets into the cage and out again safely and make sure everyone is well looked after during the 44 days. It's an honour for us to be working on such an event." To read the Sep. 4 article titled "E17 involved in Blaine stunt" click: HERE.(9/6)

A article discusses the streaming video of the David Blaine event and quotes a RealNetworks director, "This is the perfect event for internet coverage. No one knows what impact this feat will have on David Blaine and our subscribers will be in a unique position to follow his progress around the clock." To read the Sep. 5 article by Jo Best titled "Magic streaming from RealNetworks and Channel 4" click: HERE.(9/6)

David Blaine's personal life and childhood are investigated in a Sun article that quotes his former manager Jonny Podell who explained where he first saw him, "David was down on his luck. If he hadn't met me, he wouldn't have eaten that night. I remember being blown away and thinking, 'This kid is awesome.'" Podell also explained Blaine's strengths, "His personality drew people in. That's his selling point. The magic has been done before but David's brilliance is in promoting his personality as part of the act. …The magician has always been the nerd. David became the first cool guy to do it. He doesn't have a lot else - except girls." To read the Sep. 5 article by Brian Flynn titled "Blaine's magic with ladies" click: HERE.(9/6)

David Blaine's obsession of risking his health and life is looked at in a Mirror article that quotes a number of his friends that try to explain why he gravitates toward the dangerous. The article also uncovers some interesting information about his past. To read the Sep. 5 article by Tanith Carey titled "The Tragedy Behind David Blaine's Obsession" click: HERE.(9/6)

David Blaine's stunt is not being covered by major bookies is the subject of an Ananova article that quotes a spokesman for Ladbrokes, "In our eyes Blaine is odds-on to complete his feat but we need convincing that the stunt is a true test of endurance. …For example, how pure is the water he is drinking? A bookie won't get involved unless we are convinced that there is a wholly independent steward or referee." The article also reported that "…other bookmakers are taking bets on Blaine lasting the 44 days. William Hill was offering odds of 2/9 that he will successfully complete the challenge, and 3/1 that he will come out early." To read the Sep. 5 article titled "Bookmakers believe Blaine stunt could be a trick" click: HERE.(9/6)

Escape artistry is the focus of a Fox News story that discusses Houdini and David Blaine. John Moehring is quoted, "David Blaine has done a few of the things Houdini did, but Blaine has given these things a renaissance." Also mentioned in the article are Mark Cannon who explained, "…escapism does have mystery because spectators never know how, or if, the artist will go free. He also said the art represents the human condition. 'Escape artists are tapping into the potential all of us have,' he said. 'If you can first deal with your own personal issues and overcome them, most people are capable of incredible things.'" To read the Sep. 5 article by Catherine Donaldson-Evans titled "Escapism Makes a Comeback -- Literally" click: HERE.(9/6)

David Blaine is compared to Houdini in a Mirror story that recounts some of Houdini's feats. To read the Sep. 5 article by Nick Henegan titled "Champ Of The Chains" click: HERE.(9/6)

A BBC News article reported that, "Few magicians achieve the worldwide status of David Blaine, the enigmatic US illusionist who is set to test the limits of the human body by starving himself for 44 days as he is suspended over the River Thames in London. His challenges have taken on an almost Houdini-like quality as each one gets bigger and more extravagant." To read the Sep. 5 article titled "Blaine: King of illusion" click: HERE.(9/6)

A Sky News article reported that, "David Blaine is making the final preparations for his latest stunt, which will see him encased in a plastic box over the River Thames. …During that time he will go without food and will only have access to water fed through a tube." To read the Sep. 5 article titled "Blaine prepares for starvation stunt" click: HERE.(9/6)

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