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-VOLUME: 75 / ISSUE: 2,100 Monday - March 22, 2004-
Peter KanePeter Kane (?-March 18, 2004) died on Thursday at the age of 66. Kane was a creative force in the world of close-up magic and is best remembered for creating "Wild Card" which is one of the most popular card routines ever marketed. Other routines that spurred many variations include: Gypsy Curse, Jazz Aces, Elongated Lady, and The Shrinking Card Case. His books and booklets include: A Card Session, Another Card Session (1971), A Further Card Session (1975), Combined Card Sessions (1982), K's Variant, Wild Card Plus, Kane (1982). Kane also contributed many routines to the various magic periodicals.(3/22)

Chris Kenner who is described as executive producer of magician David Copperfield's show is featured in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story that quotes him, "I love to solve problems… Problems of any kind require creativity, and so whether I am working with David on designing his prediction box or figuring out how I can trim the costs for the trip to China we're planning for later this year, it's entirely a creative act… I have a charmed life. I have been around the world at least twice. I get to do all of the things I wanted to do as a kid. It's like I am 15 forever - except with a lot more responsibility." To read the Mar. 17 article by Joseph M. Schuster titled "St. Louisan's life with David Copperfield is no illusion" click: HERE.(3/22)

Harry AndersonHarry Anderson's appearance at the Cerritos Center in California is previewed in a U-Daily News article that quotes him about his career, "Magic has always been my thing. I'm an accidental actor.'' Jay Johnson who will also appear in the show said, "The world doesn't understand how good of a magician Harry Anderson really is… In the eyes of the public, he was Judge Harry Stone and later Dave Barry. They see him as a comedian who became a television star rather a magician who became a comedian who became a television star." Anderson also explained, "What is seminal to me is the game. In the course of a game with another person, I win. In the next game, I win. I become this wise guy. As long as I'm on stage with the microphone, I win. Everyone takes delight in that for some reason… I still see magic as a scenario where the audience wants you to be the winner. They don't lose anything.'' To read the Mar. 19 article by Phillip Zonkel titled "Here comes the judge" click: HERE.(3/22)

Jim Steinmeyer's "Hiding the Elephant" is reviewed in Forbes where it is described as "Steinmeyer's book reads like an Agatha Christie mystery--it's full of colorful characters that interact with one another, steal from one another and jealously guard their brilliant creations. He writes well, reveling in his subject, revealing just enough about the magicians' secrets to keep you guessing and string you along to the next chapter where an even more amazing illusion is promised to be unveiled." The review concludes "Hiding the Elephant ranks with the best books written about the art, for its unique behind-the-scenes, inside-the-boxes look at the origins and evolution of magical apparatuses and the captivating conjurers who created them." To read the Mar. 21 review by Charlie Mount titled "Hocus-Pocus in Focus" click: HERE.(3/22)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Kupanaha: Maui Magic For All AgesJody & Kathleen Baran who have been starring in "Kupanaha: Maui Magic For All Ages" at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Hawaii for the past few years have just signed an extension to their contract that will keep them there through 2009. The Baran's two daughters Katrina & Crystal have also been added to the show which features 14 illusions designed by Roger Capps and the Kano'eau Dance Academy.(3/22)

Gerry Griffen's California Magic & Novelty will be moving to a larger location in Martinez, California where they plan on featuring live magic performances and serving coffee and deserts in addition the retail store. A grand opening is planned for early April which will include shows, lectures and lessons.(3/22)

Maritess Zurbano performs with cellist David Preiser and Pianist Wade Newbern at Dillons Supper Club (54th St. bet. Bdwy and 8th Ave.) in New York City on Mar. 26 at 8pm. Eric Walton will be opening the show. Admission is $20 plus two drink minimum per person. For reservations phone: 212-539-6558.(3/22)

"The Magic of Love" starring Neech & Kali appears at the Meadowbrook Lodge (Route 94) in New Windsor, New York on Mar. 27 at 4pm and 7pm. For tickets and information phone: 845-562-7222.(3/22)

P.C. SorcarP.C. Sorcar's major project Magic Land is described in a Gulf News article, "To be set in a remote village in Bengal, right next to the Sunderbans, Sorcar's world of illusions will be spread over 1000 acres and is expected to cost over Rs 100 crores which will be totally financed by the magician." Expected attractions include, "A restaurant where food is served by ghosts, fishes swimming in an aquarium without any water, monuments disappearing and reappearing in seconds and a visitor going back into the past to perform tricks in emperor Jehangir's court." To read the Mar. 20 article by Kounteya Sinha titled "Sorcar to set up Magic Land in West Bengal" click: HERE.(3/22)

Tim Hannig who performed at the Central Elementary School is featured in a Munster Times article that reported, "The show's aim is to teach children 'important messages about character, respect, honesty, friendship and responsibility.'" To read the Mar. 18 article by Suzanna Tudor titled "Children learn from magic man" click: HERE.(3/22)

The National Magician's Directory 2004 in India was recently released by the Magic Academy and is referenced in a Kerala News article that quoted Gopinath Muthukad, "This directory contains their detailed addresses too and is basically meant for the magician community to have a healthy interaction among themselves." To read the Mar. 18 article by Sanu George titled "Kerala: god's own country or magician's paradise?" click: HERE.(3/22)

J. K. McQuik who performed at the Masonville Library is featured in a London Free Press article that quotes him, "I want to be able to capture the audience not just with my magic, but with my presence." To read the Mar. 18 article by Vivian Luong titled "Magician's mix of tricks and comedy wins laughs March break" click: HERE.(3/22)

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