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Oct 22:  Vacation Creation: A Magical Journey on CW.
Oct 22:  America's Funniest Home Videos: Magicians on WGN.
Oct 22:  truTV Top Funiest: Outrageous Surprises on TRUTV.
Oct 23:  Chloe's Closet: Old Rabbitt, New Tricks on SPROUT.
Oct 23:  Sesame Street: Max The Magician on HBO.
Oct 23:  Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn: Abraquadabra on NTOON.
Oct 24:  The Illusionist on SHOW.
Oct 24:  Matlock: The Magician on METV.
Oct 24:  I Dream Of Jeannie: Is There An Extra Jeannie In The House? on ATV.
Oct 25:  Death Defying Feats on MAX.
Oct 25:  Mister Ed: Ed And The Elephant on METV.
Oct 25:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 25:  Diagnosis Murder: Murder With Mirrors on METV.
Oct 25:  Who's Cooking With Florence Henderson: Penn Jillette on RLTV.
Oct 26:  The Sorcerers Apprentice on FAM.
Oct 27:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 27:  The Munsters: Munster The Magnificent on COZI.
Oct 27:  Diagnosis Murder: Sleight-Of-Hand on HALLMARK.
Oct 27:  Cupcake Wars: Magical Cupcakes on FOOD.
Oct 27:  The Cake Boss: Hocus Pocus on D-KIDS.
Oct 28:  Harry - "American Idol" REwind with Penn & Teller on FOX.
Oct 28:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Oct 28:  Brain Games: Pay Attention! on NGC.
Oct 28:  What History Forgot: Secret Weapons on HISTORY.
Oct 29:  Rules Of Engagement: Uh-Oh It's Magic on CW.
Oct 29:  Sesame Street: Max The Magician on HBO.
Oct 29:  The Lone Ranger: The Man With Two Faces on COZI.
Oct 29:  The Big Bang Theory: The Prestidigitation Approximation on TBS.
Oct 30:  Extreme Collectors: Captain America #1 on TDC.
Oct 30:  The Illusionist on SHOW.
Oct 31:  The Mad Magician on GETTV.
Oct 31:  The Raven on MGMHD.
Oct 31:  Top 10: Trick Plays David Copperfield on NFL.
Nov 1:  The Carbonaro Effect: multiple episodes on TRUTV.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: Street Magic on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: Magic Man on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: Vertigo on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: Frozen In Time on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: What Is Magic? on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  David Blaine: Drowned Alive on DESTINATION.
Nov 1:  The Prestige on SPIKE.
Nov 2:  Now You See Me on SPIKE.
Nov 2:  Columbo: Now You See Him on METV.
Nov 2:  I Dream Of Jeannie: My Master, The Magician on ATV.
Nov 2:  Caillu: Just For Laughs on SPROUT.
Nov 2:  Emergency! Prestidigitation on METV.
Nov 2:  Shimmer And Shine: Abraca-Genie on NGN.
Nov 5:  Tanked: Penn & Teller Monkey Magic on ANIMAL.
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